The Cut / Sharpen
Let it grow… sculpting all the foundational components that allow for a stress-free grow out… get to know it

      Art Director $65

      Senior Stylist $55

      Stylist $45

      Junior Talent $35


The Tint / Gestalt
Unify the growing parts… be the colour you were meant to be… expose the real you
     / starting at $90

     / just the roots $70


The Highlight / Juxtapose
Light and dark, warm and cool, precise order in contrasting hues bringing attention to only the right places… let it move you
     / starting at $120


The Balayage / Paint
Hand painted colour highlighting your natural beauty
     / starting at $155


The Blowout / Finish
Intentional structure and shape for the fussier moments… just wear it
     / starting at $35


The Curl / Volume

Curl it after your blow out     

      / starting at $45


The Non-Do / Polish
Sweep it up and flaunt it
     / starting at $65


Hotheads Tape-In Hair Extensions  

     /consultation required

Cancellation Policy: Please provide 24 hours notice for appointment cancellations.