Brienne Tambini

Owner & Principal I  Trainer and Facilitator Media Representative  I  On-Camera Spokesperson & Stylist

Brienne Tambini has a passion for the creative world of hair that is exemplified through her work in-salon, and through her international training and media experiences.

Currently, Brienne is owner and principal of Launch – a boutique salon north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Here, she has the flexibility to work with a variety of clients to achieve freedom and evolution for their hair as an extension of their personalities and lifestyles. Concurrently, she maintains her links to her Toronto clientele through her work at Navigate Space by the historic Distillery District.

In 2009, Brienne accepted the role of Official Stylist for Garnier, where she has delivered media spots for television and web. Most recently, her work found her in front of the Entertainment Tonight cameras on behalf of Garnier, as she assisted 2009 Juno nominees Crystal Shawanda, Tara Oram and Elise Estrada in preparing for their red carpet moments. Brienne’s work has also been featured in Two Magazine, Fashion Cares 2007 and 2008, and Nuit Blanche at Toronto’s Opera House.

Her early dedication to her career has seen her in the role of Salon Manager, Training and Development Manager and Lead Stylist. She has worked with Kevin Murphy, Goldwell, Davines, Belevance, Aveda, Paul Mitchell, and L’Oréal. Her travels for research and participation in the industry have spanned the globe, including: New York, New Orleans, Chicago, Miami, Montreal, Vancouver, Florence, Rome, Belfast and Dublin. She insists on re-learning basics to continually re-invent the advanced.

“I am ambitious to create hair that evolves,” says Brienne. “It is my aim to install the right mechanisms to allow for a stressfree grow out both in cut and colour maintenance.” Brienne says that she loves the challenge of travelling, collaborating and discovering new styles, and seeks opportunities to fulll this ambition.

Cancellation Policy: Please provide 24 hours notice for appointment cancellations.

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